A lot of different GPS products are up for grab from maxconnect GPS system. These products will cover almost every tracking purpose a simple man might have.We provide reporting and alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as Fuel Monitoring, speed, location, heading, journey history, driver behavior, idling time.

We also provide access to customizable GPS enhanced school bus tracking system, parents, school administrators as well as the transport contracting agency can get updated with the route and time schedules of buses.

Systematic performance analysis of vehicles can be obtained with our GPS enhanced features. The immobilizer feature works well for insuring the security aspect of vehicles and in case of unauthorized entry, the master user gets triggered by means of Geo-fencing system. This function would help in preventing the vehicle from theft or other unexpected danger.

What our products offers

A GPS device allows you to easily and safely navigate without draining your smartphone battery. You can also add ease to your outdoor activities with a golf GPS or handheld device for outdoor adventures. You can even keep tabs on your pet or vehicle with a GPS tracking device.

A GPS tracking systems for kids to keep track of your students within the school premises and on board your school buses. It is easy to use. Transportation facilities offered for safe commuting of students from school to home and vice verse is incomplete without GPS school bus tracking system for kids.

Through Our Product you can manage your drivers .Know where they are and with what speed they are driving your car .You can also know about your pets .More with our GPS installation on your  car can  minimize the effect of theft , because when your car is stolen you can locate it