From the past few years the number of purchasing bike is increasing rapidly .More people are willing to buy new bikes when a new model launch  but with that ratio of bike’s theft is also increasing  .It is unable to locate a bike without GPS tracking system.

Our GPS Bike Tracker is a latest equipment for the tracking of Bikes and scooters.

GPS Bike Tracking Systems make use of GPS satellite positioning technology to record a vehicle’s movements in real-time. The Vehicle tracking system uses the GPS satellite system through a multi channel GPS receiver to track a vehicle’s movements, and transmits that information in a compressed format over the GSM and GPRS network.Vehicle tracking information is then made available to the user over the Internet from our web server.

Our bike tracking system is both reliable and easy-to-use and it offers considerable financial benefits to commercial fleet operators. GPS satellite and Internet technology are used to deliver vehicle logs to you by our web-site.

What we Provide 

RealTime Tracking

Now you can track your bike in Realtime and live with the help of GPS and GSM technologies very accurately and precisely.

Stop Bike by SMS

Your can switch off the ignition of bike by just sending a SMS. Your bike can not more even one inch without your permission.

Track on the move

Thanks to smart phone revolution. Now you can track and control your bike from your mobile or tablet itself. No need of computer or laptop. Its ‘always-on’ track on mobile or tablet.

Tons of report

We understand the value of data and reports. With our state-of-art GPS tracking software, you will get a lot of reports that will help in optimizing your complete operation.